Friday, April 07, 2006


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This video is so dangerous I might well choose to delete it. Im one of the few people on the face of the Earth who has been, at different times in my life: a hustler, a john & a madam. These were social roles I assumed only out of desperation (at least the hustler & john roles; madam was more of an accident). The details would fill a book. If I ever write a book, Ill not be packaged and sold. Ill probably publish it for free on the Internet. I sold years of my life to business and am now no longer in need of money. There are millions of men like me: men too old to attract mates they desire; men trapped in dysfunctional marriages who resort to prostitutes; men and women trying to survive on the streets who resort to selling their bodies. Been there. Done that. This is, as stated in the closing statement, a video in which any similarity to persons living or dead is accidental. With great acting ability, I pretend to be an old john who has allowed a hustler Ive patronized for twenty years (from ages 18 to 38) to wheelchair his way over to my house to, as they term it, give good service. Id like to think this vlog humanizes both prostitutes and johns. Those are labels we put on real human beings to dehumanize them. Call me a dirty old man. Tell me my lifestyle is disgusting. You might be right but these are choices Ive made in life. Prostitution is meeting another human being under bad circumstances. That doesnt mean a friendship cant develop. What are kept women but prostitutes-under-contract? And what about those trophy wives men like Donald Trump and Imus marry? So here we peek into a fairy tale. Supposedly, an old john (played by me) welcomes an aged hustler (played by a friend) who arrives to give oral service in a wheelchair. They say life is stranger than fiction. But this proves fiction can be stranger than lifeJ. Click on the QUICKTIME button to view. This is short and sweet and only runs a little over three minutes. Please leave feedback.


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