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BEHEADING COMMENTARY (Randy Wicker Reporting videobloggingweek2006 Day 3)

Watch the video
This vlog contains graphic and horrible images.

You get to see one of the terrible realities of contemporary life, Islamic Law (Sharia) being enforced. I've seen videos of public beheadings carried out by the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are usually filmed at great distance. The photographer who recorded this beheading gives you "up close" coverage. He went insane a few weeks later.

We live in a world in which the mass media feeds us pabulum instead of hard truth. This vlog is a "real deal". My commentary deals with unvarnished truth.

Bleeding heart liberals and scheming neo-cons talk about "enlightened" Islam. They ignore the realities of Islamic law. Islamic law decrees that thieves get their hands cut off, that women who have sex outside of marriage be executed and that homosexual acts be punished by death.

As a gay man, I watched Iran hang two teenagers for being gay lovers last fall. Dubai , supposedly America's best friend in the Middle East, raided a gay wedding a few weeks ago and sentenced those attending to five years in prison.

Today, in Iraq, anyone suspected of being gay is simply cornered and executed by the Islamic militants. No one hears about that. George Bush only wants to talk about the positive things happening in Iraq.

This is a Videoblogging Week 2006. The theme is supposed to be "vlogging dangerously". Being a liberated woman and/or a known gay man is a death sentence in countries practicing Islamic Law.

I stand with Denmark and lovers of freedom. If they want to hang me or cut my head off, I'm going to fight back.

Look at these images carefully. Please leave feedback.


Blogger dltq said...

this video is old, right? i remember having seen it before.

the images are cruel, and they reflect a practice that i am strongly against: death penalty. or just plain old killing and torturing.

This discussion is old already, and I have also myself been in many heated discussions with people like yourself. People who mistake one segment of the group with the group itself. People who judge others by their religion.

Now, you claim that Islam per se is equal to the most cruel interpretation of the sharia law. I am not saying that there are not people who have this extreme islamistic point of view, and nor do i disagree with the fact that there are thousands, or tens of thousands out there who are insane, who hate Israel and USA to an extreme level. Those individuals are in my point a minority.

But, whether they are "some", "many" or "all" of the muslim population is irrelevant for the discussion here. The discussion here, to me, should be: How do we fight the most extremist forces in Islam? How do we do that? What methods will we use?

What do YOU suggest, Randy? That we bomb them all? Imprison any arab who looks like a muslim? That we deport them?

I cannot see any suggestions for action in what you write or say here. What Should We Do?

These images are nothing shocking. We KNOW that cruel things happen in these societies, just like we know cruel things happen in the US of A or by your operatives in other countries. We see how your society develops.

My suggestion is that we work with the moderate muslims. I cannot remember the names of the different schools of Islam, but there is one of them that is more liberal (sufi-inspired islam?), but has the recent years become less popular in countries like Pakistan. As you know, it is some of the religious schools in Pakistan that help breed terrorists like those who stood behind the horrible 9/11.

By marking every muslim as a possible terrorist (as some Norwegian politicians hint at), or by stamping islam itself as violent, is bound to only achieve one thing: alienate the moderate muslims who will see you as an extremist. These individuals dont recognise themselves in your descriptions.

Lets make alliances with the moderate muslims and together work for a more liberal society. If you claim to not be a mere islamophobe, that is.

How can we help people who are currently under the strain of a tyranny

i havent seen this particular movie yet, but i think i know what it is already before i have seen it: gruesome beheadings, showing in detail how some wicked men use violence against people they see as their enemies. I too remember the story of Adam Berg or whatever his name was - the american whose beheading was documented and ended up as some viral video on the internet.

so, this first comment of mine is written

6:58 AM  
Blogger dltq said...

i messed up lol, i wrote a draft to a comment but then i took the time to watch the movie and then finished my comment. oh well you will get the context :>

6:59 AM  

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