Monday, April 03, 2006

CALL ME "BITCH" (Randy Wicker Reporting) Videobloggingweek2006 Day 2

Watch the video
Forgive the nudity.

This is a really dangerous videoblogging. This vlog, a politically incorrect memoir, will either make my reputation or destroy it. Frankly, I've transcended such worries. I've always loved living dangerously. Vlogging dangerously comes naturally to me.

Sorry the tits pictured above go a bit flat during closer inspection. They were just the bait I knew would draw you animal types in.

Enjoy this visit with one hot little bitch. Laughter is encouraged. Masturbation is simply not allowed.

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Stay tuned for more fabulous stuff during Videoblogging Week 2006 (why didn't they call it "vlogging week 2006".

Please dare to leave feedback, even of a frightened and hateful sort. I promise I will delete nothing, no matter how insulting and foul. Let your venom flow!

Vloggingly yours,

Randy Wicker


Blogger dltq said...

tbh i didnt see anything dangerous here. or maybe that is just because i am not a homophobe southern baptist christian in the US of A?

vlog what you want, tell the stories you want. i personally disagree with quite a bit of your sentiment, but - thats the great part about the internet: i might be Very opposed to your opinion on something, but that does not affect your ability to keep on doing what you do.

for decades you have been a provocateur - this is what you do best. get the anger up in people, let them see things from a different perspective. in total, the network of individual voices will slowly create - perhaps - more understanding and empathy.

again: i cannot see why people should want to react strongly against this movie. but i guess once i get to watching your video about the beheadings i will be the one reacting strongly.

6:40 AM  

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