Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WHY WOMEN CHASE TRANS MEN (videobloggingweek2006 Day 4A)

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Hugo, my friend and neighbor, let me interview him last Saturday. Hugo was born a woman, has only had sex with men, and is now taking hormones (after having his female breasts surgically removed) to become the gender male he is. We talked for nearly half an hour. He explained his circumstances. Apparently, biologically-born males can't compete with "trans-men" when it comes to attracting women. Hugo has a unique perspective on this. In the second segment of this interview, Hugo talks about how people reacted when he's chosen to live openly as a transsexual. Being a member of one sex and transitioning to being a member of the other sex is certainly "living dangerously". Click the "Quicktime" button below to view this video. Please leave feedback.


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