Tuesday, April 04, 2006

SADOMASOCHISM FOR FUN & PROFIT (videoblogging week 2006)

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This is an expanded edition of my interview with a woman who makes sex toys for sadomasochists.

New material includes: her anatomically-correct little stuffed animals; explaining how sadomasochism replaces heterosexuality or homosexuality as one's dominant sexual orientation; observation on "giving and taking power" in S&M relationships; being inspired a domatrix (a woman who dominates/tortures men) who got licensed as a "therapist" in NJ & could avoid the cops while billing insurance companies for "therapy sessions" with submissive clients (If bodies don't touch, it's not prostitution.)

She reflects on Internet censorship and politics today.

My earlier vlog, "Hang Your love on the Bedroom Door", was poorly edited and incomplete. Here we have the entire interview edited only to remove quiet moments and unimportant material. It is one of the "crown jewels" of my "Street Fair Project" which will ultimately become a documentary.

Sit back. Indulge yourself. Enjoy the pain :-)

Click the 'Quicktime" button beneath to facilitate playing this vlog. Please leave a comment after viewing. No matter what you say, I'll not remove it.


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