Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PodCamp NYC - Looking Around

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At PodCamp in NYC, admission was free. There were ninety-five presentations aimed at helping those putting audio podcasts and/or video podcasts on the Internet. It was held at the New Yorker Hotel. Presentations included technical seminars, personal experiences, calls for social action and even predictions about the future. This consists of video I shot while running back & forth between presentations. It attempts to capture the physical environment and ambience of PodCamp in NYC for those who were unable to attend.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


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Hundreds of podcasters gathered at NYC's Slate Lounge, 54 W. 21st, to socialize & network. With everyone pitching their shows, talents & skills to everyone else, John Havens let Laura Allen show everyone how to do a "perfect 15-second pitch". The pitch was perfect. Everywhere, people were studying the cards, listening and enjoying the show.

Friday, April 06, 2007


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"Out-takes" are usually discarded footage. However, "out-takes" really give a behind-the-scenes peek at any event. The "meat" of Podcamps NYC's social will be posted later as a "historical record"--the fabulous 'welcoming speech', tributes to sponsors & a stunning 5-minute presentation about how to develop "the perfect 15-second pitch" for your podcast, blog or vlog. Tonight, I'm choosing to post "out-takes" as my final vlog for Videoblogging Week 2007. I have to go to bed early to be at the New Yorker Hotel tomorrow at 8:00 AM so I can help capture & share a smal part of the knowledge & wisdom being so generously shared by those involved in alternate media. PodCamp in NYC or anywhere else is an inspiring experience. Enjoy...and join!


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Bullies are creepy. I know. I was horribly bullied as a kid. Hal Rainbow & his pardner are active in the Creative Industries Network - an organization that helps all kinds of artists improve their skills and advance in their chosen form of art. Working with puppets is the focus of Rainbow Productions. They have some shows for adults and others for children. I got to meet "Androcles the Lion" and "Hideous the Wonderous " who are characters he uses with kids""K thru 6" to get them to talk about being bullied and to show that sensitivity had more value than physical strength. Puppets entertain adult audiences in Europe. Punch and Judy shows go back to the Middle Ages. Pupperty is still alive, still growing, still doing good works.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


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Twisted Television's producer left it to Jesus Christ to answer Randy Wicker's probing questions. Jesus called the report of his discovered tomb "a hoax". Children held by amused parents waved & were encouraged to say "Hi, Jesus!". Jesus recommended watching a couple specific videos on YouTube where he apparently has found a mass following.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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Color politics are part of the marketing stradegies of alcohol salesmen. This is an editorialized presentation of two of those pitches I've filmed these past six months. I'm trying to humorously present a critique on sales pitches aimed at both gay & straight audiences. Gender is probably more important in all of this than "sexual orientation". I understand that "pink vodka" was originally aimed at women, then appeared in some HipHop videos & became "the thing" among gay folk which unleashed this new marketing approach. I really don't care. I love to drink. It will be hard to wean me off Smirnoff :-).. I'm "loyal" to "clear" :-) The "Pink Vodka" folks & the Everglo "Green Team" are just marketing ploys to be parodied from my "clear" point of view :-).


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A nude Jesus made out of over 200 pounds of dark chocolate brought complaints from Catholic officials & death threats to the gallery owners at 47th St. & Lexington Ave in NYC. Randy Wicker & Ryan Wolowski were on hand for the scheduled opening. Here is what happened....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Samantha Dreams of a Sex Change Update

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Semantha dreams of being accepted and validated as a woman. She seems to have found that at a Salvation Army Women's Shelter in the Bronx. She shares these experiences and the joy that has come to her by being given panties and a bra at the shelter, being complimented on her dress by a male usher at church & being told by a man that he thinks she is using the wrong (men's) bathroom. Then things get hot. « less

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dream Activist Inbteractions

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Kumar, the dream activist, got a mixed reception from passersby in Union Square. This video shows highlights from those encounters. Video is a bit over-exposed but the content is compelling. Contact information: www.DreamMeetup.com Kumar's MySpace page: www.myspace.com/DreamActivist Please leave feedback and explore what interests you.


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Stunning displays decorate Macy's store windows during their annual flower show. I passed by them, some finished & other under construction, late at night a couple days before the opening. My small camera captured their beauty & the street sounds of passing traffic. I added some commentary while filming & dropped in subtitles to enhance the visual feast. I'd would love to have been able to interview the living plants (what happens to them after the show) and all those sacrificed white flowers to find out what it was like for them. I had to resort to commentary because communication was simply not possible :-)