Monday, October 09, 2006

MOP MAN'S PITCH : Peddling Mops For Money !

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Pitching a product in a public place requires a dynamic performance & compelling commentary. Mop Man invents a twin-sister for Tarzan and alerts us to the dangers of sniffing citrus-scented Mr. Clean. I was filming Mop Man and he knew it. After this spectacular performance, I interviewed this street clown & his wife which I posted as "MOP MAN MADNESS". To enhance the whimsical "cat-and-mouse" game that developed during that interview, I noted some of his points and techniques and even added a little commentary of my own. A funny thing happened during the few hours I spent editing this tape. I actually developed a desire to buy a Glide Mop!! TRUE! :-)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

MOP MAN MADNESS: Funniest Couple On Any Street

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Every now and then I meet someone who is both hilarious and perverse. I got a double helping of both charm and nonsense when I interviewed a guy & his wife whose latest adventure was pitching mops at Brooklyn's Gay Pride Fair. I love it when interviewees turn the tables on me. Hubby warmed me up. Then it looked as if his wife was ready to sell him to me :-). I can see why this pair have filmmakers documenting their lives and lonely people from all over NYC following them around just to be entertained. I'm going to post a video , "MOP MAN'S PITCH" , tomorrow. You'll get a bigger kick out of it after watching this interview.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


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In 1971 or 1972, Gay Activist Alliance demonstrated outisde of AT&T to protest that company's prohibition on hiring anyone who was gay. This is historical footage shot during that demonstration. It show a lively interaction between agressive gay militants & a heterosexuyal lawyer, Hal Weiner, and onlookers who took a dim view of gay rights in general. This video is part of my historical archival footage on file in Philadelphia and also at Duke University and the University of Vermont.