Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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It was my first day out with my new camera, May 1,2005. I wandered around a street fair in Philadelphia sponsored by Equality Forum just filming whatever interested me
   Three or four interviews I did that day so intrigued me I decided to spend the summer going to street fairs, mainly gay street fairs, and exploring how art and commerce intersected on "the stage" of the street.
Thoroughout the summer, I would shoot thirty-five hours of video at a dozen different street fairs in three states.  I was just constructing my first storyboard for a proposed documentary using that material when I discovered vlogging.
I decided it would be wise to hone my editing skills on smaller pieces first.  This is my second vlog from my street fair material. 
The first was an interview ("Hang Your Love on the Bedroom Door") with a woman who had built her own business designing and selling S&M sex toys.
This fellow didn't win my heart with his greeting "Hello, old man."  However, his success startled me.  Art is ceertainly in the eye of the beholder. 
Actually, his "success story" would contrast with many laments about failure from other artistic entrepeneurs I'd hear in the months to come.
I'll be labeling vlogs like this as (Street Fair Project).  Hope you enjoy them.
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