Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CNN TELEPROMPTER TECHNIQUES; "Immortalists Acting Mortal"

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After attending The Immortality Institute's first conference in Atlanta, Immortalists from all over the world decided to gather on Sunday Morning and take a tour of CNN Headquarters
While Aubrey de Grey stayed behind to talk with a reporter from France, about thirty of us took the $10.00 tour together.
The most interesting part of the tour was an explanation about CNN's use of teleprompters and special effects used for weather reporting.
Susan Klein, on of the founders of The Immortality Institute, took the anchor's chair and good-naturedly read script to entertain other "Imminst"  members.  So, here we have Immortalists acting quite mortal.
The Immortality Institute www.imminst.org  


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That was fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

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