Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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The idea that some people are organizing with the intention of "defeating the blight of involuntary death" and achieving immortality here and now is quikcly dismissed by most people
"Such a movement must be comprised of crackpots."  would be a popular response.
However, among the 150 people who attended The Immortality Institute's first Conference were many brilliant and accomplished scientists, thinkers and entrepeneurs.
The enthusiasm and seriousness of those involved cannot be overstated.  This is genuinely a new social movement.  Interestingly, this is a movement that has taken root in the United States.
Full disclosure here:  I am a member of The Immortality Institute and serve as an advisor on activism.  At age 67, I am one of the oldest members.  Most members are in their thirties and forties.
Most encouraging, besides the enthusiasm expressed by individual members, is the focused efforts by some young people to really bring about a change in the world through their work in science.
This is an interview with John Schoendorn, 26 years old, Masters Degree in Biochemistry, who attended The Immortality Institute Conference while on his way to work on important Government funded research organized by Aubrey de Grey Ph.D. 
This IS the face of a movement that may revolutionize the world in our lifetime.
You can contact John and other Immortalists by going to The Immortality Institute, www.imminst.org  


Blogger Bev Sykes said...

Good lord, the very LAST thing I want to think about is immortality. Another indefinite period of time dealing with the world situation as it is now? No thank you! I'm glad I'm already in my 60s!

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