Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transgender Fashion:The Revolution Begins!

Everyone is a victim of the bi-polar "prison" of gender. Nales, choose from the "trinity of ugliness" --blue, brown and/or black--in the "shade" you desire! Women, pick your favorite shade of pink & the painfully-restrictive clothing that makes 'you' acceptable. Well, "Transgender Fashion"( yet existing- lets you be the-person-you-are & 'beautiful' in whatever manner/fashion/color/style "YOU" choose to be! Yes, this is a fun video. But, we really intend to start something really unique here! My roomie lost her purse at Target. Why shouldn't women's dresses have pockets like male clothing does? Why can't men be fashionable like Randy Wicker is in this video? Oh, everyone joling the campaign to make this world "GENDER FREE" !!!!


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