Friday, September 01, 2006

WENDEL'S TRANS FASHIONS: A New Look for Tomorrow???

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Wendel is an eccentric who has haunted Washington Square Park in NYC's Greenwich Village for nearly a decade. He is one of an assortment of musicians and entertainers who perform and solicit donations from passers-by. I asked him a few questions late one August afternoon and found him to be much more lucid than I expected. It was also refreshing to meet a "designer" who was more interested in creating clothing which pleased him than in selling it. I understand he sometimes "models" (like he does here) with an umbrella missing it's covering fabric and decorated with pieces of aluminum foil in a design similar to the hat he is wearing here. Now, on a bright sunny day, that might really be something to see.


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We the Waffle Boys or rather the waffle boys most humble member would like to thank you. You are a true hero. Not like Superman or Batman more like Jesus. We greatly appreciate your comments and will more than likely dedicate a movie to you.

Rok on R man let nothing of no one stand in your way of what ever it is your trying to accomplish.

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