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Christine Quinn, an out lesbian, is President of the NYC City Council. That makes her the second most powerful politician in NYC, second only to Mayor Bloomberg. She spoke at a rally/protest held in Greenwich Village's Sheridan Square to a New York Appeals Court decision that marriage in N. Y. State shoiuld be defined and regulated by the N.Y. State Legislature, that the right to marriage for homosexuals was not a constitutional right.


Blogger Michael Meiser said...

Watched both these last two videos end to end. Had to ask myself why it made me so happy to see this material on a vlog. I think it's because this IS the frontline of american debate, it should be the sort of material you see on the local news, or the national news... at least mentioned. And yet it gets little to no coverage. Instead I see fucking bullshit news on the entertainment complex... the media pimping it's own shows, movies and stars. That's always pissed me off endlessly. The fact that "entertainement news" is not just Entertainment Tonight, or Access Hollywood... those shows are fine, but that 20% or more of TV news is now dedicated to the same B.S. and it should NOT be. Especially to the ignorance of such important and topical events as this.

Gay marriage is clearly one of the top ten political issues of the year... it's clearly an injustice, and it's clearly an inevitability as it will be passed. It's the closest we can sit to sitting back seat to the civil rights movement in the 50's and 60's. To understanding the inevitability, the injustice, the fact of looking at something bigotous and backwards and knowing that it will change, needs to change, and being appauled by the fact that such discrimination continues.

I could watch countless movies, listen to countless speaches and read endlessly on the civil rights movements... women's suffrage, minorities, affrican american's... but I need look no further and indeed would not get a better understanding of what it's like for those on the inside looking out than this right here on your vlog.

Perhaps history will look with more importance on these events and subjects, but this is NOT the face of the mainstream media. It's presence is conspiculously absent. I'm not arguing some conspiracy, fuch that, it's sheer lack of capcity, the monoculture, a funnel. Mainstream media is NOT a mirror of culture, it's a mypopic lense, which fales to capture the richness and the texture of the modern american debates. The great hope is that, not vlogging, but through vlogging... vlogging leading as a pointer and a beacon.. that a rich distributed culture of media will spring forth out of this localism, this acting locally, but thinking globally that will reflect the true vibrance and capacity of american culture and even world culture beyond.

These debates are not to be summarized up in a word.. it's not a "gay marriage debate", but to those who might follow their conscience, curiousity, and intellect further it's a sentor, a congressman, a city councilmen... people with names and histories. More than just the "gay marriage debate". That's the capacity and depth in the so called "great debate" that gets my adreniline flowing. It's the vision I see in wikipedia... as I find myself endlessly studying subjects as my interests dictate. Endless depth, opportunity for understanding, education, and eventual wisdon. The depth of peoples minds is far greater than the spectacle that is modern american's popular monoculture... it's time to move beyond popular media, an overdependance on the likes of cars and tv, and to embrace a new diversity. The LGBT movement symbolizes for me a major indicator of progress toward a more diverse poltical and cultural landscape.

Thanks for posting the video.

And again, for an outdoor event I'm amazed at the quality of your shooting. As an ametuer I'd be happy if you gave me the details on how capture with such quality. Camera, mic setup, etc, etc. If you have the time... I cannot be bored... my interest in the craft cannot be fulfilled. I'm not a videographer by trade, a designer, info architect, and "media theorist".

BTW, I missed you at vloggercon in San Fran. I think I would have very much enjoyed sitting down and talking to you.


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Blogger Michael Meiser said...

Wow, that was a bit long. Screw it, let the words flow.

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Blogger rabiddogma said...

I thought Condaleeza Rice was Americas most powerful lesbian.

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