Friday, July 07, 2006


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Rep. Jerome Nadler shared his perspective on the gay marriage issue during a rally in Greenwich Village's Sheridan Square. Public opinion surveys show those under thirty-five years old support gay marriage while older people oppose it. Rep. Nadler points out that the Declaration of Indepndence, with all it's talk about "equality", didn't include women, black men or Native Americans when it was first issued. He says acceptance of gay marriage is inevitable. The only question is how long gay Americans are going to have to wait to secure their rights.


Blogger Michael Meiser said...

Great shooting Randy. Superb quality audio and video. It's great to see this kind material, straight from the front lines. This is why we need more vloggers... more vloggers making the internet not the television the face of america and american media.

Kudos, and happy July 4th albiet a little late.

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