Saturday, February 10, 2007

YouTube Video Thieves: How Many Are There?

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Someone stole one of my videos on YouTube & published it as his own. When I discovered everything, I was furious. A friend filmed me raging and raving at my computer screen. The thief was getting hits at twelve times the rate I was. Instead of "getting even", I decided to turn it into a learning experience. This is the story of a video stolen from me on YouTube which now seems destined to be the most popular one I ever published


Blogger Thomas Kraemer said...

Have you considered that Tony is a computer hacker and these so-called "hits" are not real people actually watching your video, but virus robots he has placed on other computers? Some Web sites have done this before to boost their own ratings and get more traffic. Also, I think you are asking about the mysteries of marketing and fame. How can Steve Jobs always get the press to cover his new product introductions while the press largely ignores other companies such as Microsoft and Bill Gate's Vista introduction? Perhaps the reason is both good marketing and a bit of luck.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Sorry that your video was stolen on YouTube.
Here's some additional information regarding AskTony. He has been previously banned from YouTube under the screen name KissTony. He was at that time posting videos that were questionably child porn. All of the videos were stolen just as yours was stolen. At one time was a site hosting image galleries and videos that again contained models and/or participants that were of questionable age. His site was booted from at least two hosting companies as a result.
His latest incarnation of is nothing what it once was. I would be very leary of having your work associated with KissTony aka Asktony.
Finally, KissTony claims to be a teenager from Mexico but there is no real proof of that. That is most likely not the case given the shady nature this person has conducted themselves across the internet.

4:03 PM  

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