Friday, May 12, 2006

TRANSSEXUAL CHAT (Part 2) **Adult Content"**

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"Samantha Jones listens eagerly as Randy Wicker updates her on recent media coverage about "gender identity disorder". She confides that she considers herself a lesbian. An attendant interrupted before I could confirm that she was 'technically heterosexual' and sought women as romantic partners.

The conversation gets a bit kinky during this serious chat about gender identity and sexual orientation and sexual politics." (I spoke with Samantha last night and she approved the foregoing description.)

My transsexual vlogs may not be that interesting to many but they are intensely interesting and important to a few.  They are listed and described in a message below.


Blogger Thomas Kraemer said...

I agree that gender identity is understood by everybody, but its importance is often overlooked. I noticed that the quotes in "Randolfe Wicker's plea for gay rights" in "Newsweek," July 30, 1962, article about a radio interview program, gender identity was confused with bisexuality. Today, I see more people who are aware of "chicks with dicks" as Randy mentioned and gay FTM (female to males) and lesbian MTF (female to males). This is also making things more complicated as campus queer student groups push for more unisex bathrooms on campus. I think this makes straight people more angry than sexual orientation did years ago.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Thomas Kraemer said...

Sorry for the typo, I wanted to say "lesbian MTF (male to females)" in my previous comment.

2:09 PM  

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