Thursday, May 11, 2006


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I worked my vlogging connections to get into the first "Times Square Social", a networking event for the LGBT community sponsored by The New York Times (no less) at Madame Tussauds celebrity wax figures museum on 42nd St. in NYC. After spending a couple hours mingling with Gotham's Who's Who,( most of whom wore white badges announcing their fields--"ADV."; "Lawyer"; "Agent"; "Publishing"; TV Host"; "Digital"; "Online Media"; etc.), I wandered upstairs to explore the museum's exhibits. Through Ryan Wolowski, a filmmaker & fellow vlogger as well as host to a weekly TV Show "My New York", I met a trans woman named Samantha Jones whose dreams I proceeded to catch on video while standing between Jack Kennedy and Quentin Crisp. I'll vlog that interview later. Ryan had told me that RuPaul was included among the celebrities on waxed display. An attendant announced everything would be closing in a few minutes. I asked him where RuPaul was. Then, he graciously lead us through a series of dark passageways to the celebrity-filled room presided over by the world's most famous drag queen on top of a huge fountain. RuPaul was truly bigger than life. It all pushed me into a rare comedic mood. Enjoy!


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