Friday, July 03, 2009


How exciting it was to see The Empire Stste Building bathed in lavander light for the first time on Gay Pride Day in NYC many years ago.  The "Reigning Queen" of NYC  is the first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline one gets from 15 to 17 miles away & it always makes a New Yorker's heart beat a bit faster.  This video is only possible in the free world.  In the Middle East, homosexuals are put to death publicly and/or slaughtered privately.  In Russia & Poland, skinheads beat up those who want to celebrate their community while the police & government officials "look the other way".  Read the terrifying comments on my video "gay Russians March Freely in NYC Gay Pride Parade" and you will see HATE is alive & well in many parts of the sworld.  But, standing tall over NYC, "the center of the known world" (Quentin Crisp)" the Empire State Building carries messages of celebration & pride for dozens of different ethnic communities.  On Gay Pride Day, she stands as a beacon of freedom to LGBT people all over the world.  Oh, how I do love her ! !
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