Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I really got turned off to local Hoboken politics years ago.  I almost didn't vote for the first time in 33 years this time because I really didn't know the candidates or issues that well.  Coming out of the Path Underground Train Station, I noticed some pretty young white girls looking awfully bored as they held signs & passed out literature.  They looked more like H.S. cheerleaders than political activists.  Elsewhere I saw others, both young & old, excitedly promoting their candidates.  On impulse, I ran home, grabbed the camera & went out to ask some leafleters why they were involved.  The bored cheer leaders had gone home but there were a variety of other people to interview.  I want to thank each & every person in this video for simply being who they were--including the man who threatened to sue me. There will probably be a run off.  I'm more interested now & hope to make my mind up on my own after a little more research this time.

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Randy- Hey it is Kurt Gardiner over at the Hoboken Journal. Email me at kurt.gardiner@gmail.com. I was looking for your email but cna;t find it. Thanks.

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