Sunday, February 08, 2009


If Viagra, single bars & Harmony (dot) com have left you feeling ugly, lonely & cold--maybe it's time you tried "looking good to feel good". Now, some of you male toads will accuse me of trying to get you to "play queer to get chicks". That is so 20th Century! Girls don't fall for that anymore. Nope. You gotta learn how to blind the whole world with that beautiful comfortable 'male you' hidden within. Let me and other gender-free fashionistas help you to have b**** (i.e.testicles) enough to out-compete those ignorant 'machismo-ista' retards by turning that female 'sex-object' of your desire into your adoring concubine, mistress or wife. You think I'm putting you on? Just watch a few vlogs. Try looking as good as we do & see if you don't have to beat the women off !!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Investigators have traced fake Viagra and cialis pills being produced in secret factories in China and Pakistan, with distribution networks in Hong Kong, Dubai, the Bahamas and the UK.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generic Viagra is a prescription drug that takes care of the physical dilemma of erectile dysfunction in men. Sildenafil citrate is the major component of generic viagra pills that dilates the arteries in the penis and allows filling of blood in small spaces of penis that hardens and gets erect.

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