Tuesday, June 13, 2006


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An Amnesty intern talked about Amnesty's many projects and how that organization always received a warm reception at gay pride street fairs. As an Amnesty member, I signed petitions at the Queens Pride event. Today I received the following email. If you are liberal, gay or just like being in a parade instead of watching it, please sign up and show up. "Subject: Pride Parade with Amnesty Dear all, I'm writing you because you are currently on my list of people that expressed interest in marching, alongside with the OUTfront program at Amnesty International, in the Manhattan Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25th. We are extremely excited with the amount of interest in the march we have received so far! We also hoped that you could further help us promote the march by encouraging your family, friends, partners, etc. to join us. Also, with enough interest, we are planning on organizing a small social event prior to the march, or a "march pre-game," where we can all enjoy Amnesty-provided pizza and Pepsi, work on our signs together and socialize. We hope to be sending you more details during the next couple of weeks regarding both the "march pre-game" and the march itself. To assist us in doing this it would be great if you could email us with whether or not you still plan on attending the march, if you are interested in attending the pre-party, and how many people you hope to bring with you. Remember that the more marchers we have the more noise we make for human rights! Hope to hear from you soon, Ayesha Ghazi OUTfront Intern Amnesty International USA OutfrontIntern1@aiusa.org


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