Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hang Your Love on the Bedroom Door

Watch the video

My first vlog focused on a very personable woman who makes and sells sex toys at S&M shows around the country.

Many interesting points this woman made ended up on the cutting room floor. She talked about the "exchange of energy and power" involved in sex. She also observed that people into the S&M lifestyle had a special bond which was stronger than their sexual orientation ("heterosexual" or "homosexual").

I did several fascinating interviews at this Folsom Street East street fair in NYC last June. Another event which is also called "Folsom Street" takes place in San Francisco in the fall. These interviews will be scattered among my vlogs during the coming months.

As a journalist, I was one of the first people to write up a group called The Eulenspiegel Society in the early 1970s. I believe that was the first public group celebrating this lifestyle.

I'm beyond "disclaimers". I'm just the guy behind the camera asking the questions. This woman is "for real" as you can see by checking out the website she gave during the interview, . Outside of meeting her this one time and getting this lively interview, I have connection to her or her business.

In all my vlogs I intend to have web addresses for those I interview. If it doesn't fit into the vlog, I'll include it here on my blog. Hope all of you will become fans of the work I do.


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